laufende Dissertationen

Guhra T.: Elucidating the role of surface topography and properties for the formation and stability of soil nano- and micro-aggregates by atomic force microscopy

Stolze K.: Role of biopores for fluid flow and matter transport from topsoil upon (extreme) weather events

Fischer B.: Two-dimensional chromatographic characterization of dissolved organic matter from forest floor leachates and groundwater

Schaefer S.: Veränderlichkeit von hydraulischen Eigenschaften von Böden und ihrem Transportregime

Schmalwasser A.: Mobile organic matter in the critical zone - the neglected mobile pool of soil organic matter

Wach T.: Influence of streptomyces on the mobility of heavy metals

abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Lehmann K. (2018): Effect of phenanthrene and hexadecane on the release and transport of mobile organic matter in soils

Narvekar S. (2017): Narvekar S. (2017): Role of bacterial biofilms and extracellular polymeric substances in the colloidal stability and transport of hematite nanoparticles in synthetic porous media

Ritschel T. (2016):
Experimental and theoretical analysis of closed-flow column experiments - An alternative approach for the investigation of solute transport at the continuum scale

Händel M. (2014): Formation and transformation of manganese oxides at ambient temperature and pressure

Lißner H. (2014): Characterizing the environmental fate of organic deicing chemicals in airfield soils

Kretzschmer R. (MPI BGC, Jena, Co-supervision, 2014): On the use of observation based mixing heights to constrain atmospheric CO2 transport models.

Liu X. (2013): Investigations on the impact of extracellular polymeric substances and biofilms of Bacillus subtilis on goethite.

Ross K. (2013): Multi-scale model for transport coefficients in heterogeneous fractured media

Fritzsche A. (2011): Variably sized Fe oxide colloids from a soil effluent - insights into composition, aggregation and reactivity

Schöner A. (2006): Hydrogeochemische Prozesse der Uranfixierung in natürlichen Wetlands und deren Anwendbarkeit in der "passiven"Wasserbehandlung.

Rödiger T. (2005):
Charakterisierung und Modellierung des Buntsandsteinfließsystems im Osten des Thüringer Beckens

Spießl S. (2004):
Modellierung des Austrags von Metallen und Radionukliden aus untertägigen gefluteten Grubengebäuden mit reaktiven Röhren-Kontinuummodellen.

Licha T. (2003):
Vorkommen und Abbauverhalten von Phenolen im Grundwasserabstrom in der Umgebung des Teerverarbeitungswerks Rositz